Meet Kim, our Events Designer

Published on: October 13, 2015


A little bit about me…
Its hard to define yourself to others without sounding a bit full of yourself!  I think if you asked my friends and family, they would say I’m fun, caring and hardworking.  I have a really positive outlook on life.  I’m super observant, seriously, nothing gets past me, in fact I get called “Eagle Eye” a lot.  I’m also creative, my passions are fashion and interiors, so I suppose that’s where my love of styling events comes in, creating little vignettes and that WOW effect that helps talented photographers capture the mood and feel of an event is pretty rewarding.

What I do here at White Events…
The fun stuff!  Ha ha.  I get direction from Lara as to what her vision is for our clients, then I set to work creating mood boards and design concepts.  Finally, I get to do the beautiful work on the day of setting up and running my eagle eye over the details to ensure it looks perfect.

Why a life in the crazy world of events?
The excitement of every wedding being different, every day in the office is different plus the actual satisfaction of bringing the visions to life and making them look AH-MAZING!

5 fun facts…
1. My Instagram account is consumed with pictures of my kids, I love photographing them and the adventures they get up to.
2. I’m a huge DIY-er.  I love craft and “projects” and usually have at least 5 on the go.
3. I’m obsessed with antiques and all things with history.  I’m not a massive fan of shabby chic though.
4. Both my kids have names that have a strong meaning to us as a couple, my daughter has my maiden name as her name and my son has my husband’s initials as his name.
5. I was engaged for 2 years (longest 2 years of my life) and even after my wedding (when I was still working as a designer), I obsessively checked out wedding blogs!  I never stopped really, so that’s now 7 years of wedding blog obsession under my belt!

My top 3 wedding trends…
1. Gold… Sparkle and shine throughout every aspect of the wedding mixed with pastels
2. Champagne towers… Oh I love these and they make for such good photos if the bride and groom pour it!
3. I’m with Lara on the installations… A must, for that wow effect.

My style in 3 words…
Vintage, colourful and expensive – ha ha sorry hubby!

When I’m not working, I’m…
Getting up to mischief with my two munchkins and husbo. We get outdoors a lot and seem to always be doing something. I love going to the beach and shopping, I love shopping.

Summer or Winter?
Endless Summer please

Cat or dog?
Dog!  My precious staffy, she is my fur baby.

Holiday destination of choice…
Bali in August!  Did I mention endless summer!?!

 Drink of choice…
Dirty Martini, dirtier the better!

Favourite quote…
“Be with someone who ruins your lipstick – not your mascara” not sure who’s quote this is but I like it!

If you’ve got a wedding that needs some fabulous styling, I’d love to chat with you about it!  Email me at and I can send you some details on the awesome styling service that we provide.

K x

Feature image by Jemma Keech Photography.  Click here for more from out “Meet the Team” style shoot.

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